Research positions in Operations Research/Planning applied to Energy Systems At University of Liege, Belgium

We have open positions for new and confirmed researchers on the topic of Operations Research/Planning applied to Energy Systems. The main focus of the positions is the GBOML software, a modeling language for Energy Systems, based on mixed-integer linear programming. More information about this language can be found at the following link:

We are looking both for researchers interested in using this language for studying innovative energy systems (e.g., synthesis of e-fuels in remote renewable energy hubs, design of high-sea energy systems with unmoored windmills) and for researchers willing to extend the capabilities of this language. Among the different extensions, one can cite:

  • uncertainty assessment, using parametric optimization, chance constraints, robust optimization, stochastic optimization…;

  • new language semantic and syntax for expressing complex constraints, but also for parallel and distributed solving;

  • problem structure exploitation;

  • integration with reinforcement learning algorithms.

These subjects are fundamental, and cover topics from Operations Research, Mixed-Integer Linear Programming, Modeling Languages, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Machine Learning and of course all the topics related to the design of new energy systems for the energy transition.

Each researcher hired for the project will work on a subset of these research topics, depending on their interests and skills.

The candidates for the position should indicate which of these research subjects interest them the most.


PhD candidates, postdocs or senior researchers with a strong interest in Optimization and OR (MILP, Modeling Languages, …), willing to have an impact on our power systems and energy-transition-related challenges. Candidates must have a strong background in computer sciences (notably programming), applied mathematics and/or energy systems. Experience in machine learning is an asset.

Research environment

The research project will be carried out at the University of Liège within the team of Prof. Damien Ernst (Website: )

Other details

The initial contract will be for 1 year, with a possibility for an additional 3-year extension. The position is compatible with our PhD program and may lead to the defense of a PhD thesis within three to four years. The starting date is open to negotiation, but we expect to hire a new researcher as soon as possible.

Interested? Please send a complete CV to Prof. Damien Ernst ( and Dr Guillaume Derval ( with as subject: Research position in Operations Research/Planning applied to Energy Systems