Reproducible workflows learn-a-thon

Let’s talk about reproducible workflows! Reproducible workflows allow others (including your future self) to reproduce all or parts of your work. I see it as a continuation of moving from closed source to open source: open source is nice, but doesn’t ensure that others can repeat and therefore use your analysis.

In this hands-on learn-a-thon we will go through the Software Carpentry lesson on make, which shows the basics of how workflows systems generally work. If you want to follow along, bring a laptop and make sure you have set it up properly. We won’t have time during the do-a-thon to go through installation issues. To be able to follow along, you will need basic familiarity with the command line.

If you are experienced with make or even the lesson material, please consider helping me out in this do-a-thon.


Hi @timtroendle I guess the repoducible workflows write-a-thon has morphed into this do-a-thon? Or not? Some clarification would help. Perhaps also a zurich-2018 tag and the actual date? And do you mean make or snakemake? Robbie

As I wrote in the original post: I split it up and there are two do-a-thons now – which makes more sense as there were two distinct ideas from the beginning. This here will introduce automation with make.

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