Release Announcement: Global Power Plant Database (WRI, Google, and many others)

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to share the announcement the Global Power Plant Database with the openmod community. Many of you have been in touch with us about the database and should already be aware of this first non-beta release (v1.0.0). For those that haven’t been informed, here is some quick info:

  • over 25-thousand power plants across 162 countries (aggregation at plant/facility level, not generating unit)
  • over 4 TW of capacity (~62% of global installed capacity)
  • all energy types are eligible for inclusion (fossil thermal, biomass, nuclear, solar, hydro, wind, storage, …) with current focus on plants 1 MW and greater
  • geolocation (lat, lon) for each power plant
  • tabular, flat-file format (CSV)
  • permissive licensing on dataset (CC-BY 4.0) and source code (MIT)

And from the dataset description:

The Global Power Plant Database is a comprehensive, open source database of power plants around the world. It centralizes power plant data to make it easier to navigate, compare and draw insights. Each power plant is geolocated and entries contain information on plant capacity, generation, ownership, and fuel type. As of April 2018, the database includes around 25,500 power plants from 162 countries. It will be continuously updated as data becomes available.
China power plant data is currently under review and not included in the first release of the Global Power Plant Database.

Now that we are out of beta, we are very eager to publicly re-engage with the openmod community and build strong research partnerships going forward. We would be grateful for input and suggestions on new data fields that would be useful for your research and tips for where we may find open data to improve our coverage. Having this information will guide our priorities on data collection as well as fundraising around specific data tracks (e.g. air pollution, water use, grid infrastructure, …).

Power Explorer (formerly Power Watch) is fundamentally a partnership representing diverse interests in the global power sector. Please join us and help shape the future of open power data.

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Technical documentation is available too:

Byers, Logan, Johannes Friedrich, Roman Hennig, Aaron Kressig, Xinyue Li, Laura Malaguzzi Valeri, and Colin McCormick (April 2018). A global database of power plants — Technical note. Washington DC, USA: World Resources Institute (WRI).

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