Registration Open - Aarhus-2019 Workshop

Dear everyone,

*** UPDATE 05/03/2019 15:35: The registration is now closed because we have reached the maximum number of participants. You can still write your name in the reserve list using this link and we will let you know if someone cancels. ***

The registration for the next OpenMod Workshop that will be held in Aarhus from 22 to 24 of May is now open.

You can take look at the preliminary program here. We had to modify our initial plan to accommodate some time for the visit to BKVV CHP biomass power plant on Thursday morning. Anyway, we will try to allocate time slots for tech-a-thons and introductory do-a-thons on the first day (Wednesday, May 22).

We will be using the Openmod forum user name for the registration to the workshop so, if you are not registered in the forum, do it before registering for the conference.

  • If it is the first time that you participate in an OpenMod workshop, please fill this form to register. In order to promote diversity, we have reserved 15 positions for first-time participants. If this list gets full first, you can use the form below.

  • If you have already participated in an OpenMod workshop in the past, please use this link for your registration.

As discussed here, 13 people got preferential access because they have already proposed and will lead a do-a-thon. If you are one of them, please also fill the registration form. Additionally, we still have 32 standard-access positions that will be assigned on a first-come basis. We kindly ask everyone to avoid registering more than 3 standard-access participants from the same institution in order to promote diversity.

The lists of registered participants can be found here (Participants with a number higher than 40 are not accepted but in the reserve list. ) and here.

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Hello Marta,
I just recognized that the “first time participants” list exceeds already the 15 positions. Should those from position 16 onwards re-register now for a standard place or how do you intend to bring both lists together?


Hello Heidi,

We just close the first-time participants list now but we will brigh both lists together so there is no need to re-register.



Dear Marta, trank you! I filled the form.

Best regards,
Makpal Assembayeva

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