Pyomo fix-a-thon

Pyomo is a library used to interact with solvers, used by many energy modelling tools. One frequent complaint about it is that it is slow and its code base is messy. Rather than complaining about it, let’s throw the combined weight of the Openmod initiative towards improving it!

The proposed structure for this fix-a-thon is:

  1. Somebody (which could be me) gets an overview beforehand and provides a brief intro and tour of the Pyomo code base (~5 mins)
  2. 45 minutes or so exploring the code and deciding on what issues we want to focus on
  3. Pair up and code (I propose we use pair programming) to implement fixes, close issues, add functionality

If we get enough people together and work gets going well, this could be expanded to continue in the following slot.

Feel free to comment or express interest below!


This sounds really interesting. I would certainly like to attend although I am not sure how well I can contribute given that I know pyomo mostly as a user.

As one might expect, I didn’t have time to prep anything for this given all the other workshop prep – if somebody has a bit of an overview of the Pyomo code base, it would be great to get an intro from them!

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@KSchoenleber @boltbeard @Hauke @sriharid @dahlbaek @AleksandraKim This is not currently scheduled and unfortunately it looks like I will not have time to lead it today – are people still keen on this or has everybody moved on to Julia/JuMP anyway? Does somebody else want to take on the lead of this?

Sorry I also won’t be able to lead it.

Perhaps this can be revisited once the JuMP migration is tried out and if there is a need to stick with pyomo.

Yes, that sounds like a very sensible suggestion

I am touching this thread now to call for a lead for a pyomo fix-a-thon for the Aarhus workshop.

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