Programme Officer, Energy Planning Support, P-4 at IRENA IITC, Bonn

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I’d like to bring into your attention the vacant position of Programme Officer - Energy Planning Support (P4) at IRENA IITC in Bonn.

IRENA’s Energy Planning Support team works across three main pillars: 1) development of methodological research and international practitioner networks on the topics of Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) and Addressing Variable Renewables in Long-Term Planning (AVRIL); 2) development of IRENA’s in-house capacity expansion System Planning Test (SPLAT)-MESSAGE models for application largely in African member states; 3) providing capacity building on long-term energy planning and modelling at the national, regional, and continental scales.

Recently, IRENA has been endorsed and selected as official Modelling Partner to the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) in the development of the African Continental Transmission Masterplan (CMP), and SPLAT-MESSAGE has been endorsed as the model to be used for the long-term capacity expansion planning which will feed into the CMP. IRENA will contribute to training, model and data provision, and advice and expertise in modelling in this context. The Energy Planning Support team also contributes to a wide variety of cross-divisional Agency work outside of the three pillars listed above, based on the team’s expertise and analysis regarding the African energy transition. The team plays an important role, for example, in the development of IRENA’s flagship publication World Energy Transition Outlook (WETO) and associated Regional Energy Transition Outlooks (RETO).

Full job description including responsibilities, core competencies, experience as well as application link is available in the following link: Job Description (

Application deadline: 23 October 2022 (at midnight, Abu Dhabi local time)

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