Power capacity expansion model

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I am the new one working at the power capacity expansion model. I would like to know if there are any proven models of power expansion planning in China as a country for me to study, please!

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Dear @Cristiano,
welcome and happy to help you.

In the factsheets I currently only find one model covering China.
Model Transport energy, economics and environment model (TE3 model)
But it has not been published with an open license.

If you find addition infos and models, would be happy to collect them here.

Thank you very much, and if I find one I’ll share it in time!!!

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Looking at the Wiki I just found some additional entries we haven’t registered yet:

Hi @Cristiano Here are two papers. The first employs PyPSA and was also listed in the previous posting:

And the second uses “part of the energyRt package” from the Environmental Defense Fund:


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Hi again @Cristiano You can also filter on the “china” tag:

Hi @Cristiano ,

China works provenly stable now in the open model PyPSA-Earth. It’s a model where you pick any set of countries to perform power system/ energy system planning studies. No one validated the data for China yet, but this can be done with ease.

Check it out: GitHub - pypsa-meets-earth/pypsa-earth: PyPSA-Earth: An Python-based Open Optimisation Model of the Earth Energy System.

from 13 power systems around the world

Disclosure: I am one of the maintainers.

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Yes, thank you for sharing that led me to PyPSA-Earth!!

Thank u!!! I get to know that this is an outstanding open model and I will look into it, can I email you if I have questions?

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You can also find some background and related URLs covering Calliope and PyPSA on wikipedia, while energyRt is yet to be added:

In which case, see in relation to energyRt:

Just added PyPSA-Earth to the factsheets:
@MaxParzen please review and improve

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The openmod is also currently planning a series of monthly one‑hour webinars rotating though the more active modeling projects — to be later edited and uploaded to the openmod YouTube channel for outreach. And PyPSA is on the list. @npflugradt is the lead here. This was one of the outcomes of the recent openmod workshop in Vienna. Stay tuned! R

@Cristiano , best to reach out on our Discord server: PyPSA-meets-Earth