Poster: Stability Aware ESOMs

  • genre: poster
  • title: Bridging the gap between ESOMs and power system stability
  • presenter: @Oussama
  • description:

Up to now, ESOM (energy system optimization models) do not consider the stability of the electric power supply or only in a very rudimentary way. So far, this was sufficient, since, among other things, a sufficient number of stabilizing elements was ensured by synchronous generators of large power plants, independent of the detailed design of the system. However, due to several factors (elimination of synchronous generators, increase in generation-consumption distance, generation volatility ), this is no longer ensured.

Therefore, system stability is also becoming increasingly relevant for power system optimization. However, there is a lack of suitable methods to take system stability into account in ESOM, at least approximately. So far, ESOM work with steady-state correlations. Based on their results, stability investigations are then carried out and any necessary countermeasures are determined. This sequential approach is time-consuming and can lead to the final result not being optimal. It would be preferable to include stability already during optimization, so that the decisions in the ESOM for certain structural options (incl. sector coupling) already take into account their influence on stability. This would make it possible that no or significantly fewer additional countermeasures would be necessary and thus the result of the ESOM would be closer to an optimum that is also permissible from a stability point of view.

In this joint project, energy system optimization models (ESOM) are to be extended to include aspects of system stability. The project has the name “STAWESOM” (Stability Aware ESOM). We want to analyze, how to efficiently integrate stability constraints in ESOMS. The poster will describe the intended work flow and tool chain.

We will be happy to get feedback about every detail of our concept. We chose the poster format, because we are at the beginning of the project.

If there are more modeler interested in the dynamic aspects of ESOM, it can be discussed, whether a “do-a-thon” session could be an option.


@Oussama ,

I am interested in this topic and the project you mentioned “STAWESOM”. Currently, I am in the early stages of my research which consists of “Stability and Reserve Constraints in Optimal Dispatch Models”, the model I am working on is “DispaSET”. We could hold a meeting to set up a “do-a-thon” session if you are interested.

Thanks for your post. I’m interested in details about your project, too. We can maybe find some synergies.
We can first have a first exchange about our projects and discuss, whether we can set up a proposal for a “do-a-thon” session and what could the content be.
Maybe @kkcaag, who works with us on “STAWESOM”, could join our exchange?