Poster presentations - Aarhus 2019

As in the previous open modelling workshops we will host a poster session. We intend that the poster presentations will be used for presentations of results while discussions on modelling procedures etc. are kept for the do-a-thons.

The posters will be exhibited throughout the duration of the workshop and will be presented by their authors at Friday, May 24 from 11-12.

We offer to print the posters in A0 format.

NB! To avoid any technical issues with poster printing the due date for poster hand is May 1st 2019.

Please reply to this thread if you wish to present a poster and attach the poster. Otherwise, I can receive the posters via mail: In the email header please add: “OpenMod2019Poster: …”

We only accept pdf and jpeg formats.


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Great, I’ll make a contribution on discrete transmission expansion planning in energy system models.

For printing, would you like anyone to upload the poster here or do you prefer an email?
BTW, it’s a great offer to print the posters; no unhandy poster rolls on the train :slight_smile:

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Hi Fabian,

I have now added this information to the thread. You can either attach your poster to your reply or send it to me via email.

I’d like to contribute a poster on the work we’ve done integrating CIM models (usually CGMES) into our workflows through open source middleware on transmission and distribution level. There has been a bit of a discussion about CIM in this thread and I think this is a topic that would also lend itself quite well to a poster format.
I am however happy to also share our experiences in a do-a-thon, should there be significant interest for one.

Dear Smail,

I write to let you know that I have just sent you by email a poster that I would like to submit for Aahrus '19, on stochastic rural load generation and two-stage microgrid optimization.

We are one day late! Sorry for that!

If we need to print it ourselves just let us know and we will bring it.

Thanks for the opportunity :slight_smile:


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