Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Modelling Renewable Energy Systems With Young People Across Norway

Hi openmoders,
We are recruiting a 2-3year Postdoctoral Fellow in Energy Systems Modelling to join the interdisciplinary project “Wind for Future” in the Energy Systems Modelling Group at the University of Oslo. Application deadline is May 24th. Apply here
Please get in touch if you have any questions,
Marianne (

Hi @marianze   Sounds interesting. A couple of resources. I once proposed a project titled “ɘinfach” to build an educational model for energy systems — but I never actually wrote any code:

And I always liked this article about Sugata Mitra, a physicist turned educationalist, discussing how groups of kids can discover knowledge (I’ll send you a copy by email):

Oh those links are great, thanks Robbie. I also got inspired by your review to read the book Escape from model land, really important!

application deadline extended to May 24th