PostDoc/PhD position - TU Berlin - Integration of Hydrogen and Carbon Management in ESMs

We have another exciting position in our group at TU Berlin looking at the integration of hydrogen and carbon management into energy system models, in collaboration with Breakthrough Energy.

Goals of project

  • improve the representation of hydrogen and carbon management in highly-resolved models for the United States and Europe
  • carry out research into the future role of clean hydrogen and carbon capture in deep decarbonization scenarios
  • make all code and research available open source

Suitable for: Postdoc or aspiring PhD student

Duration: 2-year position with a possible 1-year extension

Application deadline: 27.08.2021

Start date: earliest 01.10.2021

Location: Heart of Berlin in a dynamic and expanding team


Please get in touch with Tom Brown ( if you have any questions!

You can learn more about us and about Breakthrough Energy here:

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