Postdoc MINES Paris on multi-energy system planing - project with RTE/GRTGaz/AirLiquide/TotalEnergies

We propose a post-doc position in the frame of a 4 years collaborative national research project with French compagnies RTE, GRTGaz, AirLiquide and TotalEnergies. The aim of the work is to enhance open-source planning tools starting from RTE’s tool ANTARES and to analyze several demonstrators of real energy systems with increased flexibility and integration of hybrid solutions. The mission of the post-doc will be to contribute to the design and the realization of ANTARES evolutions towards multi-energy modeling from the EU scale to the regional scale, in collaboration with industrial partners. This will be both on the side of load modeling (consumption with high temporal, spatial and technological resolution and renewable production), multi-energy system optimization, and regional energy system planning. Among others, the post-doc will contribute to the coordination of the academic contributions of MINES Paris that will be carried out by our team that will include 4PhDs on different planning topics (1. Optimization, 2. Multi-energy planning, 3. Distribution-transport coordination of operation and planning in the electric system, 4 multi-resource system (including CO2) planning). The candidate will be also involved in the supervision of some of the PhDs. The position will be full-time for two to four years and will be located in the PERSEE center of MINES Paris PSL, located in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France.

To apply, send your CV to