Postdoc at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Energy System Modeling with a focus on P2X integration

At the Division for Sustainability, Society & Economics at DTU Management, we offer a postdoc position in the Energy Economics and Modelling (EEM) section: Postdoc in Energy System Modelling

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated economist or engineer with an interest in participating in cutting-edge research within energy market regulation, energy systems and/or Power-to-X (P2X) modelling tools, including economic and technical aspects, as a basis to assess the possibilities for the integration of P2X in surrounding energy systems.

The focus of the related projects is, among others, to evaluate flexibility provision in the energy system and to assess the economic feasibility of P2X projects in Denmark and the potential integration into the future energy system using and improving modelling tools built in Julia (OptiPlant) and GAMS (Balmorel). Both, data and models, are open-source available.

The period of employment is initial 1 year, starting as soon as possible (or according to mutual agreement). The position is a full-time position. Your complete online application must be submitted no later than 15 October 2022 (Danish time). Further information about these positions may be obtained from Professor Marie Münster (maem[at]

DTU Management offers strong support for individual follow-up applications (e.g., Marie-Curie fellowship applications) and runs a multitude of similar projects often related to decarbonizing the shipping and the heating sector.

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