Please help my simple model to run

Hi everyone, I am newbie to Oemof . I had some expereíence with PyPSA and I am trying to solve a simple model in Oemof. Which includes- Pv roof top, a heat pump and a electric boiler as well as electric grid supply. Here is my code. After running it says, the problem is unbounded. Where am I wrong here? I doubt I have given the maximum value of the power plant a very high number- where I want to say the potential is infinity for heat pump and electric boiler. And

Hi Dev,

welcome to the board! Unfortunately, you did not provide readable code, neither here nor at your cross-post at Maximum capacity to infinity issue · Issue #83 · oemof/oemof-examples · GitHub. (I closed that one.) Based on experience, you are optimising the size of a (profitable) PV power plant without an upper limit. (It might not be intentional, though. Solph v0.4 silently accepts arguments with typos and ignores them. This is fixed for the upcoming release v0.5.)