PhD position spanning LUT-ESTM and PyPSA-Eur-Sec

Re‑posting with permission from @tom_brown

Here is a fun open PhD position with a tight deadline — this Sunday 15 January 2023.

It will bring together a thus-far closed model LUT-ESTM and open model PyPSA-Eur-Sec with goals to:

  1. understanding the European energy industry transition in the global context
  2. raising the level of detail to more than 100 local regions in Europe
  3. focusing on the Nordics within the European context
  4. investigating inter‑annual balancing effects
  5. assessing energy transition options in a broader economic perspective and value creation
  6. supporting the publishing of LUT-ESTM in open source

Apply here:

Supervision is joint between:

Some additional background: