PhD position in quantum computing for power flow optimization - University of Edinburgh

Does anyone want to do a PhD in Quantum computing for power flow optimization in Edinburgh? Here a great opportunity: PhD Studentship: Quantum Computing for Power Systems Optimisation at The University of Edinburgh

Some related publications that @MaxParzen posted earlier to the PyPSA community:

Morstyn, Thomas (2022). “Annealing-based quantum computing for combinatorial optimal power flow”. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. 1–1. ISSN 1949-3061. doi:10.1109/TSG.2022.3200590. :closed_access:

Feng, Fei, Peng Zhang, Mikhail A Bragin, and Yifan Zhou (2022). “Novel resolution of unit commitment problems through quantum surrogate Lagrangian relaxation”. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. 1–12. ISSN 1558-0679. doi:10.1109/TPWRS.2022.3181221. :closed_access:

Ajagekar, Akshay and Fengqi You (15 July 2019). “Quantum computing for energy systems optimization: challenges and opportunities”. Energy. 179: 76–89. ISSN 0360-5442. doi:10.1016/ :closed_access:

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