PhD openings at University of Pisa — deadline 8 August 2022

The power system group at the University of Pisa is hiring fully-funded PhD students into energy modelling focused on local and large energy modelling.

  • PhD positions co-financed by industry focused on optimal sizing and operation of local energy systems, or Energy Communities, accounting for services for the grid.
  • Other positions are also available in the field of Energy Communities and large scale optimization, which can potentially contribute to the PyPSA meets Earth initiative

Application procedure (english)
Open tenders (end): Please check: ING_ENE02 (fully virtual application and tests), ING_ENE01 (written exam mandatory in Pisa in September/October) and SMART01 (fully virtual application and tests)
Practical guide for the application (english)

The national salary applies, roughly 1200€/month (12 periods/year) +50% increase during extended periods abroad (no more than 18 months); salary competitive for the expected living costs in Pisa

Interest people may reach out at:

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