Ph.D., Masters positions at SFU School of Sustainable Energy Engineering @ SFU

ΔE+ (Delta-E-plus) explores the synergies and trade-offs at the nexus of energy+ to support effective policy development. Humanity has very little time to address the climate crisis. One of the major tools to address this challenge is the use of energy system models to provide decision and policy support, and to ground truth different technological development paths. The ΔE+ Research Group applies models to support policymakers around the world, helping countries meet the UN Sustainable Development goals. We bring on students to develop energy systems model algorithms, build model maintenance and data providence infrastructure (GitHub, Python), develop workflow and data visualization scripts (Python) and provide impactful policy decisions support.

We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:

  • Ph.D. or M.A.Sc. student to start January 2022 to work on expanding CLEWs and OSeMOSYS modelling tools.
  • Ph.D. student (must be Canadian resident/citizen or have an existing study permit) to start September 2021.

Evaluation of candidates will start July 15.

These positions are interdisciplinary, with empirical work, data analysis, technical analysis and modelling and summarizing results. Specific research projects will be determined in collaboration with the successful candidates based on a combination of their skills and knowledge, funding sources available, and the needs of the research team. Communication of research findings is a core component of these positions, including publishing research findings, presenting at conferences, and disseminating knowledge to the general public.

As a member of the ΔE+ Research Group you will be part of designing models to address the major challenges facing humanity, provide sustainable development support to developing countries, and be part of an exciting interdisciplinary research team.

For details on how to apply visit our website ( and click the OPPORTUNITIES link on the left-hand menu.

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