OSeMOSYS with COIN-OR CLP solver

Is it possible to replace the GLPK solver with COIN-OR CLP (for efficiency reasons)? or would it be possible, given a model written for OSeMOSYS, automatically translate is so that it can be solved by COIN-OR CLP?

Thanks a lot for any hint,

There is at least one person who reports that the following three step process should work for linear models:

glpsol --check --model flexModel.mod -d param.dat --wmps flexModel.mps
clp flexModel.mps -barr -gsolu solfile.sol
glpsol --model flexModel.mod -d param.dat -r solfile.sol

Clp version is 1.16.9 and GlpSol is v4.44


Assuming that you are using the MathProg implementation of OSeMOSYS, have a look at the GLPK wikibook chapters on mixing GPLK with other solver packages and on interoperability. You may find some clues there.

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