OpenMod Workshop diversity

Hi everyone,

I plotted this for the feedback session and thought that it could be interesting to share it here.
The figure below shows a representation of countries and gender diversity at Aarhus Workshop.

*Countries splitting is based on affiliations in the registration form and not on nationalities.

Jamieson (2018) (apparently not paywalled) is worth reading on the lack of gender diversity in physics in the United Kingdom. There are multiple issues at every stage of a woman’s career, from schooling to academic appointments. The Open Energy Modelling Initiative needs to be attentive to any decisions and practices that might inadvertently adversely impact on women modelers and analysts.


Jamieson, Valerie (10 November 2018). “Why are there so few woman in physics?” New Scientist. (3203): 32–37. ISSN 0262-4079.

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