openmod/OpEnMod logo

To date, there have been ideas put together by Robbie Morrison on updating the openmod logo. You can see the full idea sets on the wiki. There are a few too many on there to put into this discussion, but the current logo is:

There was also some [discussion] ( on those ideas, from which a few other logos were proposed. There was a general trend toward liking logo J1, but only a few responses! There was no consensus on whether the logo should use camel case (OpEnMod) or lower case (openmod).

It would be great to get peoples’ thoughts on their favourite logos and to get any other contributions!

As I came across this topic, I just give my comments about the ideas: Thanks for the great design ideas!
J1 is a good successor, but I also like T1 and the Q-Series because of the graph.

I also only just came across this topic - I also like J1 but prefer the Q series (a grayscaled version may look good…)

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