Openmod-mailing list

Hey all, today we have 980 Members on our mailing list.
Any suggestions about what we do when I see the member 1000?

There are 974 registered users on this forum. And 220 subscribers on our YouTube channel (URL given in footer) as well. R

that’s great to read Berit and Robbie! I am amazed at how big this community is becoming :slight_smile:
We should maybe offer a tshirt to the 1000th member with the different types of data and software licenses :wink: (just kidding)

Cool Idea!! I would restrict on the different open data and software licenses - that might already be a lot… @robbie.morrison : Do you have a collection that is approximately complete?
By today: 995 members

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exactly, only open source licenses :smile: something like this

very cool! Is this picture open to use?

Today 999 members on the list!!

@berit.mueller The Creative Commons image (above) is from Wikimedia Commons and licensed CC‑BY‑4.0. The author is “Shaddim”:

The forum registrations now stand at 994. I should add that there is some screening for the forum and that about 15% of applicants fail to respond to a request for some background and an indication of their interests. I don’t know of anyone who replied that was rejected. R

yes Berit, as Robbie mentioned, the pic is taken from Wikimedia :slight_smile:

Just skipped over the 1000 mark on the forum:



1000 are just now on the mailing list! :slight_smile:
@Robbie: what did you mean with the 1000 mark in the forum?

Hi @berit.mueller I mean that we now have 1000 registered users on the forum: wir haben die 1000er Marke überschritten.

then the forum was quicker than the mailing list… maybe because I tried to delete old adresses when people registered with a new one…

… on the other hand, the forum administrators screen applicants and about 15% of those asked for a very limited expression of interest fail to respond and therefore have their requests declined.