Openmod ideas webinar series

Dear all,

This forum page is to collect and discuss potential topics for a planned series of openmod ideas webinars. This particular suggestion was discussed at the final session of the recent openmod workshop in Vienna on 22–24 March 2023 and met with broad approval.


The purpose of the webinars is to spread in‑depth knowledge about models, frameworks, and software generally. The idea is not just to show a few results, like at a conference talk, but instead to dive deep into how a particular model is implemented and used and perhaps also step through worked examples. Or alternatively, discuss the underpinning software design and resultant architectural choices. So basically the aim is to either share insights on how to build better software or alternatively to help people to understand your particular program and workflows.


  • the duration is provisionally 60 minutes with longer time‑slots also possible related to need
  • the first webinar is planned for May 2023
  • the intention is to hold one webinar every 1–2 months dependent on the level of community interest and the availability of suitable presenters
  • the recordings would be uploaded to the openmod YouTube channel under CC‑BY‑4.0 licensing (URL given in footer at base of this page)

Call for proposals

Please create a new posting for each new proposal. And also use the following markdown template to structure that posting Note too that you will need to remove the triple apostrophes that get copied across in this process.

- title: **Title of the talk**
- presenter: @handle
- description: Xxxx.

Later on, the selected proposals will be accorded dedicated pages to enable refinement and discussion and, in addition, to collect together related files and online resources.


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