Opening GAMS-based energy system models

Is it necessary to open GAMS-based energy system models?


  • access for open source community
  • collaboration with non-degree granting institution / smaller institutions / commercial usage
  • incentive for users - python more common for new users / python can be utilized for much more things and tools
  • much easier to get help from online community (may not be true for pyomo but for python)

Reason not to switch

  • knowledge about GAMS
  • saving time
  • model building is faster usually in GAMS than in python

Possibilities to make it more open:

  • providing the GAMS-code and data pre-processing
  • translation, having two languages side by side (maintenance problem)
  • translation and switching (experience problem)

The translating part seems not be the big one decision barrier, but rather an institutional strategic decision: Attracting younger researcher for example.


  • asking experience from Sylvain from JRC DISPA-SET (GAMS and python provided)
  • someone from Osemosys (3 parallel languages)
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