Open PhD position at University of Deusto for Behaviour Sciences

Dear colleagues,

Cruz E. Borges ( and Diego Casado-Mansilla ( both researchers in the University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain) have opened a position to pursue a PhD. in the field of energy conservation, causal modeling and human factors.

The title of the position: Causal modeling for understanding of the energy demand on the residential and service sectors

Topic: The role that human beings play in EU decarbonisation objectives has not been sufficiently studied. The aim of this open position is to find a student with a strong background in behavioural sciences and causal modeling to formally define which are the determinants that people have in relation to the use of energy within households and what are the drivers for pro-environmental behaviour change (tertiary buildings can be also included).

Expected background of the candidate:

  • Basic or advanced knowledge in Development of causal models, Bayesian model/networks, causal inference, structural equations and/or path analysis
  • Basic or advanced knowledge in Behavioral sciences and/or behavioral [chain] modeling
  • Basic or advanced knowledge in Behavioral economics.

As can be observed, psychology, economics, computer science/engineering or sociology are the university degrees or masters that we expect from candidates.

The full definition of the open position and the link for applying can be found here:

Deadline: 05/03/2021 15:00 - Europe/Brussels

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask either Cruz ( or Diego (

Thanks for sharing this email among your contacts or people that you think it should be of their interest.

Your faithfully,

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