Open energy data & software training for students

Hey OpenModders!

I’m part of a cooperative open-source effort to publish analysis-ready public energy system data for use by researchers, NGOs, policymakers, and others working in the public interest on the energy transition. It’s called the Public Utility Data Liberation Project (PUDL, see our GitHub, and documentation).

We’re working on a grant proposal that would let us support early career researchers in North America – especially graduate students not at big R1 universities – in developing their data wrangling and software development skills to make their research outputs more reproducible and re-usable, and help build a broader collaborative open source & open data ecosystem for energy system researchers.

The training program could take a few different forms, like a series of monthly online workshops, or a weekend training intensive, or a semester-long fellowship where we provide training and support to a smaller cohort of students doing their own data extraction and cleaning work.

Whatever it looks like, we want to make sure it’s actually meeting the needs of students, so we’ve put together a short (~10 minute) survey. We want to get the responses by no later than February 2nd. Please pass it on to any students who might be interested.

All the best,
Ella from Catalyst Cooperative