Ontologias para o Sistema Elétrico Brasileiro

Discussão sobre a estruturação de ontologias para o sistema elétrico brasileiro.
Discussion on the structuring of ontologies for the Brazilian electrical system.


Hello all !!!
Do you think there is a more functional top-level ontology for the energy sector?

Work has begun in Germany on an energy domain ontology under the OpenEnergyOntology (OEO) track of the SzenarienDB project supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Extensive community consultation should be a major part of this exercise. Several members of the openmod community are involved (myself included) and the recent openmod workshop at Aarhus, Denmark also ran a do‑a‑thon on the topic. For more background, search this site for the phrase “ontology”.

Post here if you have information about similar exercises elsewhere. It is clearly necessary to coordinate as much as possible.


We are starting this discussion in Brazil, I sincerely do not know of another network in Brazil that is discussing this topic.
We consider that the debate and structuring of ontologies for the electric system will be fundamental to solve problems that exist today and were caused by lack of interoperability.

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