Oemof user meeting

You are using oemof? Then take the chance to improve and accelerate your work by exchanging with other users at the oemof meeting in Magdeburg. The user meeting will be parallel to the developer meeting which takes place from 7th to 9th of May: https://oemof.org/2018/03/16/7th-oemof-developer-meeting-7-9-may-in-magdeburg/

The meeting offers space to exchange about topics you face using oemof, e.g. “How to adapt existing components to my special needs?”, “How to create a sector coupled model?”, “How to approximate non-linear behaviour?” …

If you are interested in joining the meeting please send a mail to oemof2018@rl-institut.de to tell us if you like to come to the meeting and which days (7/8/9 of May) fit you best. If you’re not sure if the meeting is what you need - do not hesitate to mail or phone: 030-120843424

You can add your favourite topics here in this forum-wiki by pressing the ‘Edit’ button:

Please mark existing topics you are interested in with your name or a :+1: (:+1:, Peter, Sarah, :+1:, Maike P.).

Final organisation of the meeting with all participants will later be in the oemof GitHub.

Please note that this year’s user meeting does not have a fixed agenda yet. We plan to have more a working meeting with topics users are interested in, so that they could work (with our help of course) on their topics and network with each other.

We are happy to hear from you, where you encounter problems and what topics you are interested in. The post above is to plan these potential contents with you (you can edit it directly).

And one last thing I wanted to clarify: the user meeting will be parallel to the developer meeting, for which we have a fixed period of three days. But the user meeting might be much shorter, maybe one or one and a half day, depending on the contents and number of participants we gather. And you could also post your preferred date, so that we can comply with your wishes.

Hi Caroline!

Has the user meeting agenda been set so far?

thank you

We’ve now decided for a date. The user meeting will take place at May 8th from 10 am. We will treat all topics from the second post on that day. Optionally we can have a dinner in the evening and take the morning of the next day to have some more discussions. But if you can only come for one day that’s totally fine. We look forward to welcoming you in Magdeburg!

PS: If you haven’t done so far, please register at oemof2018@rl-institut.de

Please find the official announcement here: https://oemof.org/2018/04/18/update-oemof-user-meeting-may-8th-2018/

… and the final agenda: https://github.com/oemof/organisation/wiki/oemof-user-meeting,-May-2018

Registration is still possible by writing an email to oemof2018@rl-institut.de