Oemof user Meeting – Nordhausen February 07-09, 2024

As many here will know, we hold annual in-person user meetings for the oemof community. These give the opportunity to present what you are doing with oemof, exchange about challenges and tweaks, and get valuable open feedback from other users.

The next oemof user meeting will be held from 7th to 9th of Februar 2024, partly in parallel to the 7th Regenerative Energy Technology Conference (RET.Con) in Nordhausen. The oemof user meeting will be in its established style, meaning that we are openly discussing aspects of energy system modelling in a friendly environment. At the same time, we want to make it possible for attendees to the conference (which is held mostly in German) to visit presentations and tutorials given at the user meeting.


PS: Please do not be confused that the RET.Con has a conference fee. This does not apply for our user meeting.


Hi, I wanted to ask if this meeting will hold in Nordhausen Unversity of applied Sciences?

Hi @Shadow_simulator, your assumption is right. The omeof meeting is very much woven into the RET.Con, oemof related talks will be given as part of the conference and the conference has spots intentionally left blank so that we have the flexibility we need for the meeting. I also wrote an updated blog post about the oemof meeting 2024.02 to clarify that.

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Many thanks. then we will meet each other there. :blush: