Oemof Source and Sink balancing

I am currently working on a small oemof project and got a bit stuck on a problem.

1.) Is there a way of defining the input flow of a sink based on the output flow of a source?

2.) I am not interested in modifying the output flow of the source. My goal is to ensure that the input flow of the sink matches it.

3.) Idealy I want to define this for multiple input and output flows.

4.) This should also work even if the output flow of the source is not connected to the input flow of the sink

The purpose of this question is to define balancing areas, which are regions where the supply and demand are balanced.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Philipp,

One way to do that is a constraint (oemof.solph.constraints — oemof.solph 0.5.0 documentation). However, if you want to balance a sink and a source, an alternative approach was replacing them by a bus or a transformer. This way, what goes out will automatically come in at the other side.


Thanks for the answer!
I will try that.