Oemof: define source/sink with electricity price time series

Hey everybody,

I’am wondering wether it is possible to model a source with yearly electricity price time series using oemof. I already used for example the source component in an old project to define specific diesel price but it was a constant price for the whole year. I would like to model an electrolyzer which is connected to the grid considering electricity price time series and the same time powered by renewable energy sources which have. The same question wether a sink as well can be defined with electricity price time series to calculate the revenues through excess energy.

Thank you in advance

Hi @jess, sure you can do that. The argument variable_costs for Flows accepts both, scalar values and iterables. So, you can just put your time series and start optimising.

See: oemof.solph.Flow — oemof.solph 0.5.1.dev0 documentation

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