Next openmod workshop in 2025

Hi everyone,

in the wrap up session today, we already had a few volunteering institutions to host the next openmod in 2025.

So far, these have been:

Are there other institutions throwing their hat in the ring for 2025? It would probably make sense to come to a shortlist rather soon to have a community vote on the topic. :slight_smile:


There is at least one institution that will need to consult internally before chucking their hat in the ring. So we need to allow them some time too.

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As a newcomer in the community, I heard there was some questioning about the growing success of this workshop, which is good on the one hand, but also creates some challenges in terms of organization.

I was wondering whether it would make sense for this community to double the yearly workshop (which is great) with a special session or side-event at a scientific conference? Maybe those who are less involved but curious and willing to know more would like to attend while they are already at another conference.

Alternatively, turning this workshop into a full-fledged conference could also make sense, maybe also with some days dedicated to hands-on sessions /tutorials/hackathon.

Just some thoughts, on my side I enjoyed the format of this workshop very much, and I hope I can make it to next years’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Two points of clarification:

  • my earlier posting suggesting that a third institute might be interested in hosting the next openmod workshop is no longer correct for the particular institute I was thinking of.

  • the “questioning about growing success” that @mathieu-vallee mentions in his posting is, I believe, related to the need for the Grenoble workshop organizers to ration both content (lightening talks and break-out groups) and attendee slots — while noting that increasing the head count to cope accordingly may well dilute the close atmosphere and also add to the organizational overhead.

Please see Wikipedia for a list of previous openmod workshops with numbers of participants indicated.