Next oemof developer meeting in December 2019 will take place in Berlin

You are using oemof.solph in your research?
You are figuring out how to implement TESPy or the demandlib in your applications?
You are establishing oemof in teaching and education?

Once again the open energy modelling framework (oemof) is calling its developers, maintainers and frequent users to gather at the biannual developer meeting.
This time the meeting will take place in Berlin in December 2019, starting on Wednesday 04.12.2019 at about noon and ending on Friday 06.12.2019 also about noon.
Venue: Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin (University of Applied Sciences)

Anyone who is interested is cordially invited to participate. It is possible to participate partially.
If you wish to attend please send an Email to

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