New US open energy system data release: PUDL v2023.12.01

Hi energy nerds,

Catalyst has just put out a new PUDL data release with updated US energy system data through the end of 2022 from EIA, FERC, EPA, and elsewhere. It’s a stand-alone data only release with everything in SQLite or Parquet, and no need to install any specialized software to do further data processing / access analytical outputs (unlike our previous software + data releases).

It’s all CC-BY-4.0 licensed, and includes hundreds of tables with data from 1994-2023. In all it’s about 10GB when compressed. A longer release announcement is up in this GitHub Discussion.

Let us know what you think of the data, or if you have any issues getting up and running with it! We’re trying to centralize feedback and comments in the release announcement.

Data Liberation Engineer @ Catalyst Cooperative