New release of PUDL toolkit for working with US electricity data

Hopefully many of you are having a blast hanging out together in Colorado today! In support of the workshop that Christina Gosnell and Greg Schivley are running there, we’ve released a version 0.2.0 of our Public Utility Data Liberation toolkit, which outputs CSV/JSON based data packages that can be used for many purposes (including populating a database). It can be installed from PyPI via pip, or from the conda-forge channel using conda.

The package is called catalystcoop.pudl

The documentation is available on ReadTheDocs. It’s definitely not 100% complete, and so if you find anything that’s missing or seems inconsistent with the code, or the behavior of the package,

We’re coordinating development, user support, burg reports, etc. on Github:

All releases of PUDL are also archived and given a DOI by Zenodo, if you want to cite it:

We’d love to have your feedback! And if you feel like pointing colleagues toward the project, please do. I posted a thread on Twitter today, if anyone feels like sharing it, and we’ll send out an email update soon.


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