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Just wanted to bring the community’s attention to the new Google Dataset Search. Maybe it’s good to add some of the energy-related datasets (for example OPSD, ENTSO-E etc) to the search index. Here they describe how to do that.


Hi @samarth.tu-dresden Interesting development. Also worth noting that Google are part of the consortium (see below) and support the WRI Power Explorer data host, part of the larger Resource Watch platform.

The Power Explorer website stocks datasets from the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform and licenses them under CC-BY-4.0. WRI do not believe legal protection afforded under the 1996 European database directive (listed below) applies in the United States. European researchers should be cautious about relying on this legal status. In any case, ENTSO-E may license some of their data under an open license in a matter of months, but are undecided as to whether to commission a bespoke license or use one of the Creative Commons licenses (they should do the latter).

Google employees also developed DOSCOE, an open source energy model (Platt et al 2017).


European Parliament and European Council (27 March 1996). “Directive 96/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases”. Official Journal of the European Union. L 77: 20–28.

Platt, John C, J Orion Pritchard, and Drew Bryant (8 August 2017). “Analyzing energy technologies and policies using DOSCOE”. Describes the Grid Sim model. (no date). Dataset — Version 3.4.

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