Multiple research and software positions in energy assessment at IIASA

Dear openmodders,

I wanted to raise your attention to multiple positions currently being hired into the Energy, Climate, and Environment group at IIASA - where you would get to work with myself, Daniel Huppmann, and many other engaging colleagues.

We have available positions in three main areas of work:

  1. Country-level modelling [1], supporting our work in studying energy system transitions major developing nations. This is a Research Scholar level position (i.e., post-doc).

  2. Integrated assessment modelling [2], supporting our work across research focal areas including CDR, green finance, and climate impacts. This is also a Research Scholar position, but we will consider in some cases post-masters candidates with strong experience.

  3. Research software engineers [3], supporting our modelling work across domains and helping us develop new features and improve user experience. Basically helping keep the beating heart of MESSAGEix going strong =). Here we are interested primarily in skilled and motivated candidates and are looking across expertise levels from post-baccalaureate to post-doc, as we have different needs to suit different skill levels.

Some of the responsibilities across these positions are fungible, so if you feel like you might fit different aspects and are curious - please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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