Multiple emission constraints

Hi there again,

I am still simulating the German electricity and heat market in a simplified form and I’m struggling with a problem again. Due to the EU-ETS-System the power-plants with electricity outputs got emission constraints. In the next years the power-plants with a thermal output are regulated with a CO2 taxes. And later on with their own emission limit.
Additional there is a methanation transformer with flows to both markets in the system, which reduces the CO2-Emissions.

How can I implement two different emission constraints? (The CO2-taxes are not a problem)

currently i’m using:

constraints.emission_limit(model, limit = Emissionslimit) #unit: [t]

but i don’t know how to split the emissions in this case.

I tried to understand the documentation but I still don’t know exactly how pyomo is working and what is necessary to implement these two Constraints with the methanation in the background.

I hope you can help me with my problem.


Hi Phil,
maybe you can implement just another keyword for the emissions of the flows of the second system.
keyword of flow of system 1:
inflow_args.update({‘emission_factor_1’: x})

keyword of flow of system 2:
inflow_args.update({‘emission_factor_2’: y})

parts of the constraint:

And then use the documented “generic_integral_limit” twice.

Kind regards,

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