Modelling Hydropower feed-in through hydropowerlib

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on the optimal sizing of a mini-grid for off-grid electrification of rural areas in Guatemala. I would like to look into run-off-river hydro as a possible generation source. Thus, I am investigating how to generate hourly feed-in profiles. I came across hydropowerlib but realized that the readthedocs is currently not working and that it has not been worked on in the past years. Does anyone knows the status of the code and how far it is ready for use?


Hi Diane,
I haven’t used hydropowerlib, but heard recently about LISFLOOD which is actively used by the EU Joint Research Centre. Maybe an alternative to hydropowerlib if you face problems. The recent “water-energy nexus …” paper from Pavičević et al. implemented LISFLOOD in Python and shared its code.


The work @MaxParzen cites was also presented at the fourth openmod mini‑workshop, talk 2, see below for URL. (I have the recorded video siting on my laptop HDD but cannot edit video until I fix the broken cooling fan, sorry).

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