Modelling and Planning Expert at AF Mercados EMI (AFRY), Madrid, Spain


ÅF-MERCADOS EMI has been providing energy consulting services for almost 25 years, with a high-profile reputation in the development of energy markets, regulation and policy, smart grids and renewables. Our skills encompass economics and engineering, with a uniquely large pool of experience covering energy markets in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.

About the job

We work with public authorities and international donors, energy companies and private investors in the energy sector worldwide.

As a senior expert of our modelling team you will have a leading role in developing our proprietary tools and will have the opportunity to develop your business knowledge and consulting skills by joining teams of varying sizes and diverse expertise depending on the project nature and including: sectoral master plans, market assessment and strategy development, price forecasts, due diligence, cost benefit analyses, feasibility studies, tariff studies, policy, regulation and transaction advisory.

As senior expert of our modelling team you will:

  1. Draft methodologies for international tenders and go to market with other specialists to help source client projects

  2. Participate as senior expert to international projects

  3. Lead modelling tasks of assignments and be responsible for corresponding deliverables

  4. Manage contact with clients and present project findings

  5. Contribute to maintaining and developing our in-house power and energy system modelling tools, by implementing state of the art optimisation techniques, developing customized versions for specific projects and clients and developing new functionalities and modules.

  6. Contribute in building and training the modelling team


We are looking for a Candidate with a postgraduate degree in engineering, or another relevant field, and at least 8 years of professional experience in the power sector covering different areas of expertise.

Necessary skills

Proficiency in least cost optimization and electricity market modelling

Proficiency with MS Office

Strong written and verbal communication

Willingness to travel internationally

Excellent English knowledge, both oral and written

Preferred skills

Experience in consultancy

Proficiency in optimization and programming languages (i.e. GAMS, MOSEL-XPRESS, PYTHON, Julia, etc.)

Development of optimization and simulation models for the power and energy sector

Experience in planning and simulation with storage

Knowledge and implementation of forecasting techniques (i.e. times series, neural networks, etc.)

Expertise in Energy Economics, Regulation and Finance

Additional language skills – other than Spanish – (preferably French, Russian or Arabic).

You can apply via Linkedin!

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