Modeling German import and export for a power market model

Hi everyone,

I would like to extend a German power market model by export and import from neighbouring countries. The German model includes all block-units of power stations and hourly load time series. I am thinking of either doing a regression using historical data or a simplified fundamental model that illustrates the European power plant complex.

Has somebody tried a similar approach or has any advice? I am happy about any hint, comment or referral to literature / other models. Feel free to ask for more information if you have any questions.

Hi Timona,

I suppose you will need demand, supply etc. for the neighboring nodes too, as well as transfer capacities between the nodes. Is your question whether you can avoid all these using another way?


Hello Timona, The Hutcheon and Bialek dataset might be of interest. This dataset is licensed under a Public Domain Dedication and License v1.0 (PDDL) but is, I believe, in the proprietary PowerWorld simulator format.

The Balmorel, GENESYS2, and PyPSA projects all model pan-European transmission and hence cross-border flows. Do you want real data or the simplified world view that these models necessarily portray?

See also OpenGridMap, written up on wikipedia with references. But I don’t know if OpenGridMap offers flow data yet. It may still be building system models. SciGrid is worth checking too, again listed on wikipedia.

And I suppose you have already searched the ENTSO-E transparency platform? HTH, Robbie.


Hutcheon, Neil and Janusz W Bialek (16 June 2013). Updated and validated power flow model of the main continental European transmission network. ISBN 978-1-4673-5669-5. doi:10.1109/PTC.2013.6652178.

Hi Timona,

two years ago, I have created an ED model that is based on the ENTSO-E`s 2014 Ten-Year-Network-Development-Plan (TYNDP) and models Germany and its neighbouring countries:

I have tested the model dispatch against the real values for the year 2014. It is not perfect and not block-precise (plants are aggregated in several bigger blocks with mean efficiencies per fuel type).

If it might be of help, we could provide scenarios, etc. …



thank you very much for your help!

@Kostas: It is quite difficult to find all the data to built neighbouring nodes and I do not have a lot of time, therefore I am trying to find an easier solution either by building simplified neighbouring nodes or using a regression.

@robbie.morrison: Thank you for the advice! I will have a detailed look at the projects as they seem quite helpful. We are actually planning to model the German power system and I would like to add the im- and export flows to improve the German model. So a simplified view is enough.
Yes, I had a look at ENTSO-E transparency and the data there.

qCord: That sounds very interesting! Where can I find some more information on the model?


Hello Timona. I don’t have close affiliations with any projects so I think I can ask a provocative question. Do you need to design and implement your model from square one? Do you have special requirements? Or could you select an existing project and clone it from GitHub. The URL to use is given on the GitHub page and the command (assuming Linux) is something like (although that project was abandoned in 2005):

$ git clone

Lists of potential projects can be found on wikipedia and the openmod wiki. You can then develop new functionality to suit your needs or build models with new data to suit your analysis. Post back here or message me if you want comments or advice. By the way, “import” is not normally hyphenated in native english. Robbie

It is only available in German so far but basically it is a classical multi-regional least cost dispatch model using a simple transshipment model. See here for our report which includes a description (of which many parts can be found in the appendix):

Hello Robbie, I am thinking about your idea. I think it might actually work to clone an existing project for our requirements. Thus, I am looking into the existing projects and their methods in more details. I will contact you in case I have any more questions. Thank you very much for your help!

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