Model linking: experiences, lessons learned, and best practices

  • genre: break‑out‑group
  • title: Model linking: experiences, lessons learned, and best practices
  • presenter: @loeffko @cdgaete
  • description: The idea is to have an open discussion on model linking and it’s benefits and pitfalls. We’ll present progress in our own model linking experiences (see background) and would then welcome an open discussion on everyone’s experiences, what the key take-aways were, what you found to be best practices and what to avoid.
  • background: @loeffko from TU Berlin and @cdgaete from DIW Berlin are currently part of a research project on open-source modelling of renewable hydrogen, where multiple models of different types are linked together.

Was there any session on MODEL LINKING in past ?

Interested to see the videos. Looking forward to the upcoming one. Requesting to arrange remote participation option if possible.

Hi @elias: Try the MUESSLI: MultiEnergy System Smartlinking Integration project as reported at the recent Vienna workshop. Search this forum using “muessli”. There is also a YouTube at: (00:03:36).

Regarding online participation, my understanding is that this break-out session will, at most, only be recorded, then later edited and uploaded to the openmod YouTube channel (URL listed in the forum footer, scroll down). That said, the level of audio-visual support is currently being negotiated and priced.

Otherwise, most of the discussion about model linking has taken place in other communities or been published in the academic literature. Hope this helps, R.

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Hi everyone, once again thanks for the great participation in our break-out session!

I have now written a short summary document of the results. Also, I wanted to share the set of slides including the Menti survey responses, as well as the link to the Etherpad of the interactive notes.

Slides incl. Menti results:
openmod_ModelLinking_Slides_incl_Menti.pdf (995.4 KB)
Summary document:
summary_breakout_modellinking_openmod_v01_kl_28-03-2024.pdf (1.3 MB)
Etherpad (notes and some additional information and comments): OpenDev Etherpad

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A couple of other resources on the forum: