Master Thesis: techno-economic analysis of using Hydrogen in local/urban regions

Dear open modellers,

we just posted an openning for a master thesis with the goal to conduct techno-economic analysis of using Hydrogen in local/urban regions. The openning is in the context of the New Zealand-German Platform for Green Hydrogen Integration project (HINT).

The master thesis aims at the further development of the open source FlexiGIS model by integrating the potential demand for hydrogen from the electricity and heat sectors for different consumers (residential, commercial, industrial). The potential estimation is planned to include urban and rural regions as well as semi-urban and semi-rural regions. The spatial focus will be the Lower Saxony region in North Germany. We also plan to extend the region of interest to selected regions in New Zeeland in order to compare the potential demand. After collecting relevant datasets and estimating the potential demand for hydrogen, the FlexiGIS model will be then used to evaluate several energy scenarios. As a result, a techno-economic analysis of the potential use of Hydrogen in local regions with different structures will be conducted.

For more information, you can read the openning or contact me directly.

Best regards