Mailing list - update

Hey there,

since google updated their sign up process for mailing list, we may want to update our entry to our mailing group. After the update you need a google account to join the mailing group, if you want to join via the website. But actually there is a work around, which i have outlined below:

  1. send a blank email to:
  2. you will then receive an automatic welcome email. Please do NOT click on the blue “Join This Group” button in this greeting mail, but continue with point 3.
  3. answer again the second mail “application for membership”. Just send an empty mail. The code in the subject must remain intact.
  4. you will revceive an automatic email, that your join request has succeeded but is pending approval

Maybe we should add this instructions to the website.


Hi there,

Can someone actually confirm this procedure to work?
I tried subscribing repeadetly this way with no success.

Step 1. to 3. worked as described.
Following my reply in step 3. with the message subject unchanged resulted in a response from the googlemail server:
Remote Server returned ‘554 5.0.0 < #5.0.0 smtp; Unexpected DFS AddMemberships membership status>’

and after a couple of bounces finally
Remote Server returned ‘554 5.0.0 < #5.0.0 smtp; Could not validate confirmation code>’

A quick search online didn’t yield any helpful results on this problem.

The issue is not pressing for me, as I used a Google account for joining the mailing list now.
Making sure the method works as described should still interesting for future others wanting to join the mailinglist.

Hello @jesse Is your information current? One blog on the topic dates from February 2011, while the comments section indicates the method worked two years ago. But google support clearly states that a google account is required to “join a group”. It could be that there is an undocumented method, but the experience of @johannes.hampp suggests otherwise, while odd that steps 1–3 worked but not 4.

The best solution is for the openmod to run its own mailman server on hosted hardware, just like we do for this forum. HTH.

Hello @robbie.morrison,

the method worked for me about a month ago. I simply replied at step 3 without adding or deleting text. After that I just had to wait for my application to be accepted.

Hello @jesse Thanks. I duly added a link to this discussion from the topic covering Services run by the Open Energy Modelling Initiative so people will know where to find your information.