Looking for EU building stock data

Hey everbody,

I would like to determine for all EU countries a function for the investment costs in building renovation depending on the reduction of space heating. For this I am looking for data on

  • the building stock in the respective countries, such as type of building, broken down by construction year and average U-values (for residential and industry)
  • country-specific costs for renovation work

I can’t currently pull data from the EU Buildings Database (https://ec.europa.eu/energy/en/eu-buildings-database) and would therefore be very grateful for other sources or someone who already has this data stored. The data from ODYSSEE Database (https://www.indicators.odyssee-mure.eu/energy-efficiency-database.html) unfortunately does not cover all cases.

I am very grateful for all hints and tips!

You might find some leads from parallel session 3A Decarbonization of cities: best practices and future expectations at the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe 2019 conference (scroll down for details). Or perhaps try contacting the European Institute for Energy Research (EIfER) or the European Commission DG ENER. At the very least, let Commission staff know you are having difficulty sourcing this information so that they are alerted that this is an issue.

I have got a reply from the European Commission concerning the EU building database (https://ec.europa.eu/energy/en/eu-buildings-database), which might be interesting for others as well. The Website is currently undergoing some work to correct issues and upgrade its functionality and there is no date when the website will be revamped.

Nevertheless, it is possible to download excel overviews by

  • picking an ‘item’ in left-drop menu (it might not show up in the summary table / the summary table might say ‘items 0’
  • reload page
  • then you are able to push the download button
  • To restart and begin a new search, you can press the ‘bin’ button
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It isn’t the EU, but Zurich has a pretty good data set of building age under “Raumplanung Zonenpläne” - Gebäudealter (in the list on the left hand side) here:

Maybe they have “U-values”, whatever those are, if you ask Katharina Kälin, Statistisches Amt Kanton Zürich.

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