List of innovative energy demonstration projects with final investment decision

I’d like to crowdsource a list (or links to external lists) of innovative energy demonstration projects which either have final investment decisions (FID), are operational or decommissioned, since I’m having issues keeping up with all the announcements. Criteria: needs at least FID to avoid spamming the list with vague plans; should be at least 10 MW or 1 MtCO2/a.

This page is wiki-editable by anyone.

Green methanol synthesis

See also Methanol Institute map of projects and IEA H2 projects database.

Green ammonia

See also list of clean ammonia off-take contracts signed and IEA H2 projects database.

Hydrogen for power/steel/transport

See IEA H2 projects database.

  • H2 Green Steel in Boden, Sweden, planned to start operations in 2025, final capacity in 2030 of 800 MW electrolysis
  • SALCOS in Germany by Salzigitter for green steel, to be commissioned in 2025, 1.9 Mt Steel per year
  • HYBRIT to be commissioned in 2025, 500 MW electrolysis
  • Kuqa in China for Sinopec refinery, started production, 240 MW electrolysis (52x 5MW), 20,000 tonnes H2 a year, 210,000 standard cubic metres of storage capacity, 361 MW (?) solar power

Direct air capture (DAC)

See also list of DAC plants operating in 2022

  • climeworks projects
  • Carbon Engineering projects

Oxyfuel Allam cycle

Enhanced geothermal

  • Fervo project

Advanced closed loop geothermal

Nuclear fusion

Small modular reactors for nuclear fission

Cement carbon capture

  • recent Heidelberg cement announcement