Largest energy model you've solved using (a recent release of) the HiGHS-solver

Hi openmod’ers!

Just out of interest I’m wondering what’s the largest energy model you’ve been able to solve using HiGHS? Profiling data is quite scarce as far as I am aware. Also, the rapid development of HiGHS might make the few data points I’ve found outdated.

I’m specifically curious to learn about models that work for a whole year, using hourly temporal resolution. I’ve tried to run PyPSA-EUR for a 30 node, H2+electric network. But HiGHS did not seem to be able to pass the presolve step. Might be down to my hardware specs.

Thank you in advance for sharing your insights!

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Seth (PyPSA server) gives some indication for sector-coupled mode:

193-hourly temporal resolution takes only around 5 minute to solve, but gives reasonable results. This model can only be run at up to 25-hourly resolution for Europe ([one node per country], 25-hourly takes around 16 hours to run) or 3-hourly for single countries (3-hourly takes up to 8 hours to run).

No result for PyPSA-Eur, but I also try to keep track of HiGHS progress here:

This runs every Tuesday morning with all PyPI versions available, but the problem size is relatively small.

Please note the forum tag solver-performance.