Invitation to the Workshop "Agent-based Modeling for Energy Economics and Energy Policy"

Dear All,

Current energy-related developments and discussions highlight the importance of modeling actor behavior in energy markets. A particularly suitable approach for this purpose is agent-based modeling (ABM), which places the behavior of actors at the center.

After international workshops on ABM in energy economics at TU Delft (2014) and in Berlin (2016), some time has passed. In the meantime, there have been many developments in the field of ABM and the international community of developers and users continues to grow.

In order to (re-)connect the community, to get an overview of current work, methodological advances and cooperation opportunities, we would like to invite you to the

Workshop "Agent-based Modeling for Energy Economics and Energy Policy"

on February 1, 2023

at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 38-40, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Participants are invited to pitch their models and recent developments in the form of presentations each followed by short discussions. You can find the current status of the program at the end of this email. The agenda will be finalized based on the registrations and announced presentations. Therefore, we ask you for a little extra information in the registration.

Participation is free of charge, however, the capacity is limited to 30 persons. You can register until December 11 via email (link generates pre-configured response letter incl. request for information, e.g., on own modeling activities). Registration confirmations will be provided by December 22. Please, feel free to forward this invitation.

With regard to the pandemic situation, we would like to point out that we will comply with the then current COVID-19 regulation of Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

We look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas!

Best regards

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