Investment case for Absorption Chillers

Hello everybody,

I would like to use the absorption chiller module for an investment. The problem I see, is that the different absorption chiller variants (‘Rotartica’, ‘Safarik’,…) are relevant for a specific nominal value. For example the parameters for the label ‘Rotartica’ are relevant for a single effect absorption chiller with 4.5 kW. So, if I use these parameters for an investment and the investment capacity is 100 kW, the parameters for the label ‘Rotartica’ won’t be correct in reality, am I right?

Additionally, in an investment I don’t have a nominal value for the calculation of the actual value data frame of the absoprtion chiller. The nominal value in this case would be the investment capacity that is calculated by the investment.

How would you approach this and is there a more correct way for this investment case?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards

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