Incineration/biomass power plant visit during Aarhus workshop

During the OpenMod workshop, we visited the incineration/biomass power plant.

The Climate Change department at Aarhus municipality took care of the visit which included an interesting presentation. You can access the slides through the links in the program.

Moreover, you can see the real-time prices for electricity and heat for Aarhus district heating system here.

And you can get access to information from the incineration power plant here, e.g., you can check the emitted CO, NOx, SO by clicking on the chimney.

Finally, Inge Grønval sent me an email indicating the answers to some questions asked during the visit:

  1. We have no direct measurements on our residual waste composition, but as I said, lots of plastic wrapping is currently being incinerated.
  2. Appox. 150 trucks drive in with waste per day.

She also mentioned that you can read Aarhus Climate Action Plan.

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